Photo 31-pola

Hi friends and family! I’m really excited about keeping you guys up to date on what’s going on in my life via this blog. I’ve lived in Nashville for several months almost a year a year and I half. I love it more each day, and am consistently challenged by it…

So come visit me! I’ll take you down to the Whole Foods where we can stake out Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban all day, or maybe we can ride around with the windows down screaming “Oh my gah, Carrieeeeee!!” at every innocent blonde woman we see, followed by a well timed “Jesus, Take the Wheel” joke. We’ll be so clever!

Until then, feel free to stop by here for your “what on earth has Haley gotten herself into now?” fix.

all good things to you!



2 responses to “me.

  1. One of these days people will be riding around Nashville with their windows down screaming “Oh my gah, it’s Haleeeeeeeeeeeey! at every beautiful brown haired girl singing your first #1 hit at the top of their lungs!

  2. Hello,
    Los Angeles film would like to feature your music.
    Please contact asap.
    K. Kuchta

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