I Remember Me Now.

Today, my roomie Mallory told me that I was courageous and that she was proud of my “dedication to happiness.”

Because I turned in my 3 weeks notice this afternoon.

I’m leaping. I’m trusting.  I’m scared and excited and… already feeling happy again.

“So, what now?”

Well: I’m going to play music, finish an album that has been patiently chilling in the creation phase for too long, praise Jesus for the huge blessing that is my savings account, pray in general, finish setting up my Etsy store, utilize resources like a… really resourceful person, and hopefully find a lovely little family of nashvillians who are looking for an experienced nanny with lots and lots of love to give.

Hell, I might even put my nose ring back in.

(Probably not. But no one could stop me!)

sidewalk to do

via weheartit


One response to “I Remember Me Now.

  1. Sounds GREAT!! No more customs!

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