holy moley, my ohh my.

I’ve been told that the stars are showing this year to be my year of Money and Other People.

As of 2/10/2010, all I have to say about that is: “uuuhhh… check. And check.”

This is a good thing!  It can’t not be.  I’m working a lot. So much so that I don’t exactly have the time to spend my money.  Hence,  I’m saving.  Don’t know exactly what for, but I’m doing it nonetheless.  Why not? Right?  I’m an adult.. right?

As far as Other People are concerned, I’m thrilled/challenged to see this yearling of a year unfolding with a crazy amount of opportunity to uplift the people in my life.  To put others before myself.  I’m thrilled because of this urgency and expectancy that I feel in my chest when I think about loving people well… delighted at the prospect of learning how to be better at it. I’m challenged because putting others before myself is… you know…really effing hard.

What are you thrilled about/challenged by during this season of your life, friends?  I’d love to know :)


2 responses to “holy moley, my ohh my.

  1. Well, being happily married. It comes with happy glitches! :)

  2. Marriage= thrilling/challenging, I’m sure!

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