peacekeeper take your time.

I am an introvert. I get my energy from space. Lately, I haven’t allowed myself very much space (because I love my roommate and live music and the internet and having a job…)

This Friday, I’m off of work.  From now on I’ll be working Sunday-Thursday, which means my Friday time is my me time.  My music’s time. My room’s chance to get uncluttered, and my jeans’ opportunity to get to the tailor. The books in my bookcase might even get a little attention, too.  

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling the presence of a bunch of little life issues nagging me to acknowledge them and to give them their due process in my brain. Honest to goodness, I just haven’t had the time/space/energy to deal with them. I have been truly and so very exhausted.  Ready to finally sit for a little while… to breathe, probably write lists, probably nap, drink coffee, bake something yummy, read something good, and re-energize. 

Stop and listen. Simple enough. Time to do it.



photos via weheartit.


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