make a home in it.

Glory, I was made to sing “Glory”,

but I need You to help me to sing glory, glory, glory

My producer here in Nashville is a great guy called Taylor.  Last week, he recorded me playing around, trying to get my guitar tuned up, singing and messing around with whatever ever came to mind and played through my fingertips.

I need you to help me to sing “Glory.”

I came home last night to a couch full of roommates. Shana and Mallory and I caught up, updating each other on our Thanksgivings and weekends.  As I finished with my recap, I said something to the effect of: “practicing peace is hard sometimes.”  Isn’t it? Is it just me? But, it’s worth it… right?  Extending peace and grace to those who you’re much more inclined to suffocate to death with your ego. Practicing peace. Laying down your shield and exposing yourself as vulnerable… human even. Extending grace.

Yeah. Good things. Glory. Help me to sing it and be it and bring it.


2 responses to “make a home in it.

  1. Who is trying to suffocate my baby girl! You be peaceful, I’ll go get them!

    Love you!

  2. hahah… oh mamala.

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