why i am.

Life comes at you fast. It’s true. But lately for me, life seems to be hanging out in the distance, on bullet points that follow the space that I’m currently inhabiting on this very strange timeline I’ve made for myself.  How did that happen? When did I become so anxious? 

It’s hard not to feel like wanderlust (woven into my spirit as it is) isn’t the Achilles heel to my happiness.  They just seem so damn counter-intuitive to me, my timeline and my wanderlust. They’re both out to get me. They’re both there to guide me. But neither one of them define me, and I think I’m coming to grips with that (over and over again).

I’ve got some crazy changes coming up. Ones that I can name and categorize, and others that I can just feel coming. I’m sure you do too. This boat we’re all in is a TRIP.

I’ll end this cluster of a post with some good ole DMB. This song has “roadtrip!” written all over it. *Sigh*

I grew from monkey into man 
then I crushed fifteen million with a wave of my hand 
I grew drunk on water turned into wine 
Till I was slave and master at the same damn time 


One response to “why i am.

  1. you would post this. i knew what you were speaking of as soon as i read the title. when i met dave I wasn’t even thinking about who he is or all hes done i was just thinking “you sing Why I Am and that’s my jam.” best song of the year!

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