sweet (and a little jittery too.)

Photo 58

Oh, ya know… just hanging out at a coffee shop in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  Looking out the window, marveling at the little girl walking a billy goat. Drinking some Ethiopian goodness. Syncing my Ipod so that I can have the Passion Pit record in circulation. ‘Bout to hang out with Bryan Mudder and Sarah Brown. Fixin’ to witness a little holy matrimony. Listening to Ryan Adams sing “Oh My Sweet Carolina.” Glory :)


3 responses to “sweet (and a little jittery too.)

  1. our local favorite coffee shop is called jitters…

    no billy goats…..

    but our friends name is billy and he goes there…

    you should come

  2. oooh, do you mind e-mailing me your address so i can send you a dvd with sweet shots of yourself? :)

    also here is something super funny:

    something beautiful:

    something i made!:

    peace and lots of love!


  3. oh, one more. :)

    have you seen/cried to this yet?

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