try try try, little darlin’

It’s here. I knew it was coming. It’s been hot on my heels for 8 or so months, but I’ve always seemed to outsmart it, out run it, unthink it, unfeel it. That is, until now:

Effin’ Homesickness.

Here’s the part where I assure you reader that I love Nashville, that I’m growing here, my creativity is flourishing, my social calender is slammed with amazing, soul enriching experiences with amazing, soul enriching new best friends ever 4 life to the max.  And you know, it’s kind of true.  I do love Nashville. I’m glad, even GLEEful to be living here and to be making a little life for myself here.  Okay, maybe not gleeful. Maybe… satisfied?I am making friends, I am sensing a growing and maturing happening, and my SOUL? Lord. Have mercy. I’ve been stirred in ways that I couldn’t even begin to explain.  This is all good.

But next Wednesday I’ll be driving to Charleston where I’ll be spending an entire week and a half staring out at the shoreline, sitting on the couch with my mom, drinking my Grandmama’s sweet tea, roaming the downtown streets at irresponsible hours, reconciling my present with my past and (God willing) melting the two into one big ocean of gratitude.  I don’t think that I’ve ever considered any trip home that I’ve made in the past to be more necessary  than this one.  This trip feels vital.  

Tonight, however, I will be in Nashville.  More specifically, I’ll be at Movies at the Park watching “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” with some of the people who’ve been apart of the last 8 or so months of my journey.  I’ve taken to calling them friends :)

I’ll leave you with this. It’s a song my friend Dylan wrote for me when I first moved out here.  Not only do I feel comforted by it, and admittedly, pretty damn special because of it, but this song is just plain lovely.  

Fear, Fear

is all that has ever kept us here,

under the sheets or in the mirror,

we are not who we appear to be…

the best thing to do is to breath deep now


One response to “try try try, little darlin’

  1. Counting the seconds until you are here and may never let you go:) And yes, I am GLEEFUL that you are coming home. You and grandmama can drink Sweet Tea, you and I will drink FFSweet Tea:)

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