i miss my little sister


Long story short:

I decided to slide down a hill on my roller skates. My grandfather thought it’d be funny to document what was sure to be my spectacularly embarrassing feat. Naturally, I completely bit it and, naturally, I shamelessly displayed my bruised booty for all the world to see. Unbeknownst to me, my little sister was in the background copying my every move. The formative years of our sisterhood were basically a really long game of simon says. Adorable!

My sister’s wonderful. I love her lots :)

(and speaking of loving lots, did you get a good look at my crazy cool, early 90’s, hot pink skates? so fly.)


2 responses to “i miss my little sister

    oooh hey, it’s me!
    oooh hey, i really love you.

  2. hannah elise, i miss you and love you so!

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