i’ll GETchoo my pretty!


My boss gave me two tickets to see The Wizard of Oz  at TPAC’s Jackson Hall on Jan. 16!  Orchestra seating! Translation: really awesome seats to see my most favorite movie ever brought to life.  The only criteria I have for the person I choose to go with me is that they are gracious, forgiving, and slow to strike the person seated next to them who may or may not sing every word to every song at the top of their lungs.


4 responses to “i’ll GETchoo my pretty!

  1. TPAC is happy to hear about your excitement with regards to coming to see the Wizard of Oz!

    Please call the marketing department, 615-782-4064, so we can arrange a free Wizard merch pack as a thank you for your blog mention!

  2. oooooh…. pick me!!! pick me!!!! I’ll even sing along as well…

  3. Pick me! I sang you to sleep every night for the first year of your life with Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Love you! Have fun!

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