bu dup cha cha

I got a letter from my main man Bobby the other day, and figured it was just too glorious to keep all to myself. Enjoy!

Dear Haley,

Thank u for sending that very nice letter to MWA. Howare you Doing in Nashville? In SC It’s going great. Im now going to a new school it’s called CE Williams and It a great school. I <3 it. Oh and yes I saw that Kung Fu Panda is out on DVD. When we both saw it that was fun but the movie theater was cold remember? k.

I wonder how the jokes have Been going with baby that UR babysitting, waaaaaaa (i’m crying right now). J.J! remember that joke? bu dup cha cha. I love ya and miss ya. Well do u miss me, right of course, I miss ya a LOT. I go by your pink house everyday. with Libby. oh and Lib says hi to just I miss ya so much! i miss you alLOT.

Yes I still go to horse backrideing. thats still lots of fun. Oh and Jamie says Hi and all the horses do too. KO OK sorry i spelled ok wrong. Ok go gotta go bye. Oh and schools great bye.

ps: i <3 ya and miss ya alot


Bobby Kalman



3 responses to “bu dup cha cha

  1. thats amazing! i love bobby

  2. Made me cry happy tears:)

  3. It sounds like you have had wayyy too much of an influence on that kid, Miss Shaw. Or maybe just enough.

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